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Journey Home Rabbitry has been raising quality Velveteen Lops and English Lops for twelve years in North East Ohio. JH is committed to breeding and showing rabbits that meet the standard of perfection. I am the current COD holder for the Velveteen Lop. I hold both the solid and broken certificates. I am looking forward to presenting these wonderful rabbits in hopes of getting them recognized as an ARBA breed.


If you have not had an opportunity to meet this charming rabbit yet take some time to do so. They have a comical personality wrapped up in a small sweeping mandolin body type. They stand out with gorgeous velvet fur. Lop ears and LOTS of energy.



Check out the Velveteens for yourself at an ARBA show or find one for sale to own ! I warn you though, they are like potato chips, you can never have just one!


YES, they are a showable rabbit! BROKENS and SOLIDS CAN BE SHOWN. Just bring a copy of the current working standard to the show you are attending.



Interested in Velveteen Lops? Want more information? Email me at: Yellowdog@neo.rr.com